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HCHANA Olive Natural Skin Care Mask

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Moisturizing face mask with aloe vera extract


Mask for the face with extracts of green olives, which is rich in a group of oils, vitamins and amino acids that work to nourish the skin in an excellent way, and the oils work on long-term moisturizing

The amino acids in this mask have two roles, the first is to tighten the skin and the second is to support the work of oils and vitamins in the processes of moisturizing and nourishing

The mask restores the skin's natural moisture and locks in water and moisture within the cells for a more effective and long-lasting hydration process

How To Use: Clean the face well and wet it with a little water, then put the mask on the face, leave the mask for a 15-20 minutes, then remove, and then distribute the liquid that was on the mask on the face, with a light pat and patting for five minutes, until the ingredients are absorbed properly